ERIMU Co. Ltd is targeting the local and regional markets. We expect to serve 60% of the market available.
We expect to out weigh our competitors on this note because the new raw material (off cuts) to be used is cheaper than timber; the machinery we hope to use will improve the quality of locally manufactured products yet at lower prices compared to other timber products.


Presently ERIMU Company has a steady production capacity through proper use of its experienced and motivated staff. Woodmizer sawmills, which are imported from the United States and 17 chain saw for felling, lumbering and crosscutting trees. For active supply of timber the raw material to the factory and public.

The company also has 4 lorries of ten tyre wheel with 10.5 tones carrying capacity for transporting timber and products, two motorcycles for monitoring, 1small truck for transporting finished products to the customers and each Director and Senior staff has a car, which help in other operations and activities.

The company has also acquired concession with Uganda Wild life Authority (U.W.A) and National Forest Authority (N.F.A) in insuring that the environment is catered for and our activities do not bear negative impact on the surrounding environment.


ERIMU current line of products and services is manufacturing of high quality furniture and fittings from both hardwood and softwood. Amongst the services are:

  • Site Fitting works
  • Timber Sales & Supply
  • Consultation on Wood & Wood Works
  • Import & Supply of Hi-Tech Wood Working Machines
  • Importers of Furniture

In addition to the products ERIMU also offers other professional related services to its customers in order to increase service care and satisfaction. These include supervising;

  • Supervising houses that are being roofed.
  • Fitting household furniture and fittings.
  • Free deliveries of products to customers within a given radius of distance.
  • Free loading of the timber or any other product on to the customers’ vehicle.