Wooden Kitchen

Erimu Company was established in 1992 as a Business venture to exploit the possibility of processing and manufacture of high quality wood products. Seven family members from the lineage of the Late Eridad Mukasa founded it.

The Company was fully registered in 1995 as required by the Company Act of 1985, as ERIMU Company Limited. Two of the members of the Board are the active shareholders/ Directors and their respective positions.
Mr. Moses Kyayise Managing Director
Mr. Mutyaba Sam Marketing Director.
The Company has its own headquarters located in Namagoma 12 kms along Kampala -Masaka Highwy, Wakiso District ,Plots 174-178, on a 4 acreage land.
Erimu Company is the largest and leading furniture processing and Wood product Manufacturing company in Uganda.
The company comprises of the following divisions:

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