About Us


Erimu Company was established in 1992 as a Business venture to exploit the possibility of processing and manufacture of high quality wood products. Seven family members from the lineage of the Late Eridad Mukasa founded it.

The Company was fully registered in 1995 as required by the Company Act of 1985, as ERIMU Company Limited. Two of the members of the Board are the active shareholders/ Directors and their respective positions.

  1. Mr. Moses Kyayise Managing Director
  2. Mr. Mutyaba Sam Marketing Director.

The Company has its own headquarters located in Namagoma 12 kms along Kampala -Masaka Highwy, Wakiso District ,Plots 174-178, on a 4 acreage land.

Erimu Company is the largest and leading furniture processing and Wood product Manufacturing company in Uganda.
The company comprises of the following divisions:

  • Furniture
  • Timber Trading Units
  • Timber Sawmilling
  • Timber Seasoning and Treatment
  • Transport
  • Wood Working Machine Service

The Company employs 295 members of staff .


To become the industrial leader in processing and manufacturing high quality, well seasoned timber products and dominate the furniture product market in Uganda with unbeatable prices & timely delivery.


Initial objectives include the following:

  • To contribute to national development cause of employing indigenous Ugandans and use of local raw Materials.
  • To demonstrate a modern wood processing and furniture manufacturing sector which was for a long dorminated by unskilled lobour force and small scale entrepreneurs.
  • We now have the best wood processing and furniture manufacturing equipment in East Africa.
  • To sustain the steady growth of the company focused on innovation and expertise of each emlpoyee to revolutionalise the wood industry in the country.
  • Offer and acheive high quality services and derive satisfaction by meeting the quality needs of our customers.
  • To participate in Environmental conservation through tree planting and other social responsiblities.


We have capacity in terms of materials and consumables stocks to deliver any volume of timber products within clients` specified schedules.

Timber Stock:

We stock well seasoned timber in the following species.

  • Mahogany
  • Nkalati
  • Mvule
  • Pine
  • Blue Gum Teak
  • NMG Timber
  • Other species of timber can also be availed on order

Consumables Stock

  • Varnishes
  • Stains
  • Glues
  • Hinges
  • Nails
  • Brackets
  • Cushions fabric and leather for sofa sets e.t.c
  • And all other consumables used in carpentry and joinery


  • Sadolin Paints Uganda
  • National Forest Authority
  • MAYDOS Chemical & Varnishes products (China)
  • Cefla Machinery
  • El Mag SPA (Italy)
  • SCM SPA (Italy)
  • Individual Uganda Suppliers
  • Surrey Yanhong general Machinery & blades(China)